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June 2024: Fellows notified of acceptance

July 1, 2024: Fellowship term begins 

Sept, 2024: Collaborative research proposal due

Jan. 13-17, 2025: Second boot camp

May 19-23, 2025: Third boot camp and ACONA Conference

June 2025: Fellowship term ends. Collaborative research product due.

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Mid-July, 2024: First boot camp materials distributed 

Aug 19-23, 2024: First boot camp

Work on collaborative research project ongoing 


The ACONA Fellowship Term is July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025.


ACONA Fellows will hone their negotiation techniques through immersive exercises; study arms control topics with preeminent experts; conduct joint research on pressing international security issues; and develop professional and interpersonal networks.

The Fellowship covers the cost of travel and accommodation at three immersive workshops (“boot camps”). It is our goal to hold at least one of three boot camps in person in Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • History, Technology, Negotiation: Experienced scholars and practitioners will meet with ACONA Fellows and discuss the history and politics of arms control, new technological challenges, and crucial negotiation skills and techniques.

  • Immersive ​Training: Each boot camp will include an immersive training exercise that enables ACONA Fellows to hone their negotiation skills in an international security scenario.

  • Collaborative Research: ACONA Fellows will collaborate outside the boot camps on an innovative research project on arms control negotiation. Fellows will collaborate in ways that are complementary in terms of their interests and expertise. ACONA partners will disseminate the findings through their networks to impact the ongoing arms control debate.


ACONA Fellows are selected through a competitive process. To successfully complete the program, Fellows are required to

  1. participate in the three immersive workshops (“boot camps”) over the course of twelve months,

  2. actively engage in discussions with distinguished scholars and practitioners, and

  3. collaborate with a small group of Fellows on an international research project and submit the results of that project by the end of their 12-month Fellowship.

​Timeline of Activities (2024 - 2025)

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